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When I called ---, I had just left an 11 year relationship and was done with traditional talk therapy. I needed something different. The office Mgr. placed me with Dr. Leticia Montiel, who didn't have many reviews on ... so I wondered how this would go, but I was open to it.
I started my time the first week of October. It's now towards the end of November, and words can't express how amazing my time with Dr. Montiel has been and the progress I've made in just 5 sessions with her. The relationship I was in was very unhealthy, and I had tried to end it before--going to traditional talk therapy to help me through it, but approximately 1 month with Dr. Montiel and I just feel like a weight has been lifted / drawn out from me--an emotional weight that I had been carrying for about the last 7 years of that relationship.
Hypnotherapy felt a bit awkward at first, but if you give yourself fully to it and do the homework, it helps tremendously. Trust the process. I can't explain how after a session, you leave thinking differently. Then you go home, sleep on it, and the next day, it is as though you have internalized the session and you just feel the world is better, brighter, and different after each session.
Of course, it takes work, so you have to be committed to growing and doing the homework and following through. You don't go in and talk about everything wrong in your life. Instead, Dr. Montiel helped me pinpoint and hyper focus on the root cause of whatever it is I wanted to work on, improve or let go.
She has a wealth of experience and her approach is so gentle /natural/comforting.
I felt like I was talking to a friend who was so committed to my well-being and was eager to help me transform. Each minute of your session is definitely put to good use. Doing this type of therapy and working with Dr. Montiel has helped me improve the quality of my life, and I feel it can only continue to get better from here.
Looking forward to more sessions. :)

Mi Testimonio:
La Dra. Leticia trabajó conjuntamente conmigo para salir de un estado de inconformidad y queja continua.
El trabajo en conjunto y su excelente técnica, hicieron que viva en gratitud, y en un constante para que me pasan las cosas, cual es el aprendizaje.
Bendiciones y sigue transformando vidas!!! GRACIAS!!! GRACIAS!!! GRACIAS!!!!